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General FAQ

Q: How much does it cost to use FreeCaddie?

A: The basic version of FreeCaddie is free of charge. Try it out; if you like it consider upgrading to FreeCaddie Pro.

Q: What is FreeCaddie Pro?

A: FreeCaddie Pro is the full featured version of FreeCaddie. It provides an overhead Map display of the hole, allows you to measure the length of your shots, record your individual scores and track your statistics, and includes a multi-player scorecard that you can share via social media.

Q: As a FreeCaddie Pro user do I have to pay for upgrades?

A: No, upgrades are free. New releases come out occasionally which usually add new functionality.

Q: Is FreeCaddie Pro a subscription service?

A: No, you pay for the upgrade once and can use it as much as you like. There is likewise no charge to access the courses in our database.

Q: I'm a FreeCaddie Pro user and just bought a new phone. Can I put FreeCaddie Pro on it?

A: It depends. Apple's App Store and the Google Play Store both require apps to be purchased from their app stores and do not allow transfers. For example, if you originally purchased from Google Play and bought a new Android phone you can just install again from the Google Play store without paying again. However, if you switched to an iPhone then you would need to purchase the app again from the Apple App store.

Q: Why don't I see my local golf course in your list of courses?

A: That's where you can help! Try our Course Creator web page. If you know the golf course well you'll find it easy to mark the greens and prominent features of each hole. It takes about 15 minutes to create a course file and, once complete, not only will you be able to use it but other FreeCaddie users will benefit as well.

Q: How accurate is FreeCaddie?

A: As accurate as your GPS receiver. The more satellites that are visible the better the accuracy will be. This website briefly discusses GPS accuracy.

Q: Instead of the distances I just see a question mark. Why is that?

A: This indicates that it has been awhile since FreeCaddie has received a valid position update from the GPS in your phone. There may be something wrong with your GPS. Please verify that your GPS is still working. Looking at FreeCaddie's GPS screen can show you if coordinates are coming in.

Q: FreeCaddie just displays "Searching..." or "Waiting for location" instead of distances. What is going on?

A: This means that FreeCaddie cannot get a position from the GPS unit in your phone. It is possible that GPS is disabled or that the settings in your phone have not been configured so that FreeCaddie can use the GPS. Please check your phone settings and make sure that FreeCaddie has permission to use the GPS. And sometimes a reboot of the phone will clear things up.

Q: Where else can I go for help?

A: There is a help document that you can access from the in-app Menu. This explains the functions on each screen of the app and also some general concepts. If that does not help, you can always email your questions to

Q: I can't download a course but I know it's mapped. What can I do?

A: You may need to enter another location when listing courses to download. The app will list the 100 courses from our database that are nearest the location entered (or your current GPS location if the location is left blank) and also within about 25-30 miles of that location. Also, the app will only list courses that have 6, 9, 12, or 18 holes mapped. Other course are assumed to be incomplete and are not listed in the app. For more details and examples, please see the Help document from the in-app menu.

Q: I have auto advance hole enabled, but it doesn't seem to be working. Why not?

A: The auto advance hole feature was designed with the idea that the phone would accompany you onto the green. FreeCaddie knows that you are finishing a hole when you get within ten yards of any of the greens markers and will then switch to the next hole once you get a certain distance away from the green you just finished. If you are leaving your phone or device in a cart, then it may not be getting close enough to the green to to trigger the auto-advance logic.

Courses FAQ

Q: Who maps courses?

A: FreeCaddie users create all course content. You can add any course you like by logging in to and going to this page:

Q: I'd like to add or move some markers on an existing course. What can I do?

A: Email and request permission to edit that course. Include your username and the name and location of the course.

Q: My favorite course is not completely mapped. Can I finish mapping it?

A: Yes you can, just email and request permission to edit that course. Include your username and the name and location of the course.

Q: Can I map a course using Bing Maps?

A: The Course Creator supports both Bing and Google Maps. Once you get past the screen with the "I see the course" button you'll see a button to switch to Bing Maps.

Q: Why can I see a course on your web site but not on my phone?

A: The web site shows you all mapped courses for a selected area or course name. By default FreeCaddie apps retrieve a list of courses using your current or last known GPS location. You can override this by entering a different location in the field provided before listing courses to download. The app retrieves up to 100 of the completely mapped courses closest to your current or entered location (out to about 25-30 miles from that location).

The FreeCaddie apps will also only show courses that have 6, 9, or 18 holes completed. This is to reduce the chances that you will load a course into the app, only to find that it is not completed in the middle of your round. For this reason you may see some courses on the website that will not appear on the app.

Pro Features FAQ

Q: How do I measure my shot?

A: While you are standing at the place you just hit the ball, press the 'Measure' button from the controls along the bottom of the app, then press the 'Mark shot' button. This causes the app to remember where you were standing and measure the distance back to that spot. As you proceed to where your ball landed you should see the distance increase until you are standing over your ball and have the distance it travelled from where you hit it. You can view other screens and the distance will still be measured on this screen until you press the 'Mark Shot' button again. At this time it is not possible to record your shot distances (sorry).

Q: The Map display in the app is blank or just displays a white grid. Why can't I see the overhead view of the course?

A: You probably do not have an active data connection. Perhaps you have enabled airplane mode for peace and quiet or to reduce data charges. The background for the map view requires an active data connection so that the satellite image tiles can be downloaded from Google or Bing as you move around and zoom the map in or out. Currently, none of these map providers allow this imagery to be cached in advance for later use offline.

Android FAQ

Q: When I run FreeCaddie it just says "Searching". What do I do?

A: Make sure GPS is enabled on your Android phone. An application like Google Maps can determine your approximate position without GPS so it is not an indication that GPS is working.

Q: How do I enable GPS on my Android phone?

A: To enable GPS from the home screen press the Menu button, then select Settings, then Security and Location (or Location and Security) and make sure "Use GPS Satellites" (or "Enable GPS Satellites") is checked. Then run FreeCaddie and you should see a GPS icon at the top of your phone. Go outside, select 'GPS' from FreeCaddie's menu and in a few seconds you should see your latitude and longitude on the GPS screen.

Q: My Android phone phone does not seem to have a menu button. How can I access menu options in FreeCaddie?

A: As of 2016, the version 4 FreeCaddie apps have a menu that can be accessed by either (a) swiping the app screen to the right, or (b) selecting the 'hamburger' icon in the upper left corner of the app.

Q: Where are the statistics on my scorecard and how can I upload my scores to

A: The scorecard can only track strokes per hole (for multiple players). To keep track of further detailed stats for yourself (which can be uploaded to the website) use the 'Score' button to access the 'Scorekeeping' screen.

Q: I purchased FreeCaddie Pro from Google Play. Recently my phone received an update which erased my applications. How do I get FreeCaddie Pro back?

Your Google Play purchases are tied to the Google account used on your Android phone. As long as you use the same Google account (usually identified by a GMail email address) information after the upgrade you can download and install all of your paid applications again from the Google Play without repurchasing.

In the settings for your phone you should have a section for accounts where you can select 'add account' and specify your Gmail address.

iPhone FAQ

Q: I'm not getting distances. How do I resolve this?

A: iOS4 disables GPS access to apps by default. To remedy this go into your iPhone's settings (not FreeCaddie's settings) and enable GPS access for FreeCaddie. From the home screen select Settings, then General, then Location Services (in iOS6 this might be Settings-> Privacy-> Location Services). Each app that uses GPS should be listed there. Enable access for FreeCaddie or FreeCaddie Pro.

Q: Are there any tips for improving GPS performance on the golf course?

A: Try setting your auto-lock setting to "never". Run the settings application (not FreeCaddie), then go to General and select "Auto-Lock". Setting the value to never will keep your iPhone's GPS running and your position will be monitored continuously.

Q: Any tips for extending battery life?

A: Disable Bluetooth, 3G (if not using maps), and turn down the brightness. Do not use Airplane Mode, as this will also disable the GPS in your phone (and Freecaddie will not be able to provide distances).

Q: Where are the settings for FreeCaddie?

A: With Version 4 (circa 2016) the settings are now accessed from within the Freecaddie app itself, from the app's Menu.