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FreeCaddie and FreeCaddie Pro run on a wide variety of phones. GPS capabilities are required of course (GPS via Bluetooth is often fine.)

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Windows Phone!
Android Windows Mobile
Windows CE
iPhone Palm Pre BlackBerry Other

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Some common Android phones are: Dream/G1, Droid, Eris, Hero, Magic/myTouch 3G, Moment, Nexus One, Pulse, Sprint Hero, and Tattoo

This site has a list of current Android phones:
http://www.androphones.com/available-android-phones.php .

Windows Mobile

This site has a good list of Windows Mobile phones:

FreeCaddie and FreeCaddie Pro should run on any Windows Mobile phone that is running Windows Mobile 5 or Windows Mobile 6.


Only the 3G and 3GS have GPS capabilities.

Palm WebOS

Palm Pre.

Windows CE

If you have unlocked a GPS device running Windows CE and the .NET 2.0 or higher framework is installed FreeCaddie should run on it.
  • Mio C230, C320, etc.


Does your phone run midlets? Have you ever installed a JAR or JAD file? Then your phone is Java enabled.
Some common Java enabled phones known to run FreeCaddie are the following:
  • Nokia: 5800, E71, N95, N97
  • Samsung: Instinct

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