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FreeCaddie Pro for Android

FreeCaddie Pro is available for Android phones! Why pay hundreds of dollars along with an annual subscription fee? For the price of a few golf balls you can use FreeCaddie Pro! Compare for yourself:

Feature FreeCaddie FreeCaddie Pro
Distance to front/center/back of green Yes Yes
Distance to bunkers/hazards/etc. No Yes
Measure Length of Shot No Yes
Course File Storage 1 No Limit
Four Person Scorecard No Yes
Maps No Yes
Download Course Data at golf course Yes Yes
Price Free $5.95
Annual Course Subscription Fee No No

Purchase using Google Play

Get FreeCaddie Pro by using the Google Play application on your Android phone. This is the easiest way to get FreeCaddie Pro for your Android phone.

On your phone run Google Play, then press the search icon (magnifying glass) in the upper right corner. Type "FreeCaddie" then press the search icon again. Select FreeCaddie Pro Golf GPS, then press the "Buy" button.

If you have a scanner app on your phone then scan this:

Or visit the Google Play web page for FreeCaddie Pro.

Purchase From FreeCaddie.com

If you can do so it is recommended that you purchase FreeCaddie Pro by using the Google Play app on your phone. Most AT&T Android phones do not allow installations from places other than Google Play (e.g. the Samsung Galaxy).

Installation Instructions

To install FreeCaddie Pro onto your Android phone follow these instructions:
  1. On your Android Phone enable installations from other sources. This lets you install an app from a site like FreeCaddie.com. To do this:

    • Go to your home screen (press the home key).
    • Press the Menu button, then select Settings.
    • Select Applications.
    • Make sure "Unknown Sources is checked.

    If you do not see the option "Unknown Sources" then you will have to install from Google Play.

  2. Click here on your Android phone  on your Android phone to install FreeCaddie Pro.

    Current FreeCaddie Pro version: 2.4.0

  3. Run FreeCaddie Pro on your phone. You'll be asked for your FreeCaddie.com user name and password to activate the app. For this to work you must purchase FreeCaddie Pro.

  4. Purchase FreeCaddie Pro for Android by going here.

Note: you will have to install future upgrades from the web site and not via Google Play.

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